The Building Blocks Story

India is the seventh largest country in the world. Yet more than 20% of the population live below the poverty line and only 62% of adults are able to read and write.

Escape From Poverty

Building Blocks Learning Centres stay open in the afternoons to support and mentor scholarship students who drop in for help with new subjects and homework from their new schools.

Your part in their future

Individuals, organisations and companies across India and around the world sponsor students in this programme, or contribute to our general scholarship fund.

From playing in the slums to learning at their new schools

Escape from Poverty raises sponsorships and scholarships not only to fund school fees but also to provide after-school tuition, coaching and mentoring.

Escape from Poverty also runs an after-school mentoring and coaching programme to ensure that children from Building Blocks do not fall behind the progress of children from more advantaged backgrounds.

Escape from Poverty is looking to partner with groups, individuals, clubs, businesses, schools and organisations from all around Britain to change a child’s life.

You can change a life and create a positive future, for less than £1 per day

Contact us to learn about future projects, or start your own fundraising page through MyDonate here:

One Man’s Vision to transform the lives of slum-kids