Your Story – Being Part Of Their Future

Individuals, organisations and companies across India and around the world sponsor students in this programme, or contribute to our general scholarship fund.

Individual 10-year sponsorship’s can be funded by monthly, annually or by one-off donations.

If you are a UK tax-payer you can Gift-Aid your donation and increase its value by 25% when claim tax back from the Exchequer. We allocate this additional revenue to our general scholarship fund so we can fund schooling for children who are not individually sponsored

Details of students who are looking for sponsorships for the academic year starting in May 2018 will be available by November.

Email us at Escape from Poverty to receive regular updates and our monthly newsletters:

For less than £1 per day, you, or your school, church, club or business group can transform the life and future prospects of a 6-year old child by sponsoring their ongoing education through to age 16.

The different ways you can help

Our general scholarship fund has already topped-up the first year schooling costs for both Keerthi and Sathish through to April 2018

In addition to raising sponsorships for individual students, we have two crowd-funding sites where we are raising scholarships for a boy and a girl who have just moved on from Building Blocks and started at their Elementary English-Medium schools in June 2017 .

You can help fund a 10-year scholarship for Keerthi Tiwari here:

Or you can help fund a 10-year scholarship for Sathish here: